v. 12.99

FreeBSD 13.2-RELEASE/amd64

for all humans worldwide, an easy to use, free of cost, state of the art, standards compliant, open sourced, censorship resistant, operating system and decentralized communication infrastructure for personal, public or private socialization, trade, finance, journalism, art, science, research, education and community governance

for all enterprise, small to large, established or innovative, a secure and stable platform for present and future technical requirements, endeavors and ambitions



All software carrying the label or mark of nuOS is released with included source code and all of the allowances granted under the BSD and MIT licenses (save for any unmodified components or subsystems with well-defined boundaries and interfaces which may allow for the inclusion of software and source code covered by terms of the GNU/GPL, as developed by unaffiliated parties and projects).

The Berkeley Standard Distribution Licence and Massachusetts Institute of Technology License are among the most concise and permissive licensing agreements widely recognized by governments and the industries of technology and software development, drafted to maximally preserve the rights of users along with the liberties of engineers and developers. Contrast these to so-called “copyleft” licenses such as GNU/GPL (Gnu’s Not Unix, Gnu Public License) which attempt to enforce a socialist contract among their developers and users that, while certainly well-intending, have led to unintended, arguably unavoidable, monopolistic outcomes and nexuses of power naturally arising out of that misguided (if nonetheless noble) ideology while simultaneously hamstringing their users’ and adopters’ means of escape from beneath the “umbrella” of GNU/GPL.

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